Countdown to the Tenth Festival

October 1st, 2012

The preparations are well under way for the 10th East Cork Early Music Festival!

The programme books went to the printer last week, and alongside the details of each concert, they include photos and quotes, addresses from both Douglas Gunn and Sarah Cunningham, and a description of a rather unique harpsichord featured at one of our events.  The flyers and posters have been sent out to various venues around Cork City and East Cork, and more are on their way out now.  Our performers start arriving on Wednesday, and preparations have been finalised for the moving of numerous instruments, including a clavichord and no fewer than three harpsichords!

We have also received some lovely testimonies from people who have long been associated with East Cork Early Music:

I have had the great pleasure of appearing three times at the East Cork Early Music Festival in its first ten years. It is a lovely Festival whose organisers put together imaginative programmes, attract curious audiences and look after its performers very well. I have also been invited to give masterclasses at the Music School in order to help young students to learn more about early repertoire. I wish the Festival every success for the next ten years!

Adrian Butterfield

Professor of Baroque Violin, Royal College of Music

Of all the music festivals in Ireland the East Cork Early Music Festival has always lead the way in programming some of the most exciting and unique Early Music concerts. The festival also benefits from the wide variety and quality of the venues throughout East Cork.

Camerata Kilkenny

I’ve been lucky enough to perform in the East Cork Early Music Festival on a few occasions over the years and it has always been a wonderful and special experience for me. The warmth and generosity of the staff, the knowledge and enthusiasm of the audience and the brilliant ambience of Cork itself combine to make this festival unique. I congratulate the Festival on its 10th anniversary and wish it many more years of continued success!

Bill Carter

I came to Cork to play two concerts: an evening chamber concert in the School of Music and a viol solo lunchtime concert in Fota House. It was delightful to see such an enthusiastic audience attend the very well-organised concert series. Especially in the Drawing Room, a room perfect for a viol solo concert, in terms of acoustics, size and style was chosen for me to perform in. Looking out over green hills, market stalls and an immaculate garden seemed an ideal background for intimate music. I do hope that the East Cork Early Music festival is able to continue for many years to come, as the effort and dedication that goes into the organisation and the care of the artists and audience is not only evident, but recognisably huge. I look forward to watching the Festival -whether from a distance or from within – for at least another 10 years!

Suzanne Heinrich

The Irish Baroque Orchestra has been delighted to appear at the East Cork Early Music festival in recent years. The festival is a wonderful opportunity for audiences to enjoy excellent period performances and fascinating repertoire, and features some of the finest players on the Early Music scene today. We congratulate the festival on its 10th anniversary this year and wish it every continued success for the future!

Stella Konik

Chief Executive Officer, Irish Baroque Orchestra

One of the most valuable developments in Irish musical life over the last decade or so has been the establishment and continued growth of the East Cork Early Music Festival. It has already enriched the lives of so many and will, I’m sure, continue to develop a love and appreciation of Early Music for those fortunate to live within travelling distance.

Dr. Geoffrey Spratt

Director, CIT Cork School of Music

I’ve been lucky enough to have been involved in the East Cork Early Music Festival several times over the past few years. Aside from the impressive variety of concerts and venues built into the festival programme I’ve always been astounded by the incredible educational and outreach work associated with the festival. It strikes me that this is a fantastic way not only to enrich the musical education of local youngsters but also a vital way to invigorate and inspire future audiences. I have nothing but fond memories of my time in Cork appearing in the festival with The Flautadors, Ensemble L’Aia and as a soloist with the Irish Baroque Orchestra.

Ian Wilson

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