East Cork Early Music WANTS YOU!

August 18th, 2013

We at East Cork Early Music need your help to keep this festival going!

When you have such a spectacular line-up of performers as we’ve got coming up this October, the costs mount up fairly quickly.  So, even though there’s no real corporate machine behind the Festival (we’re just a group of passionately dedicated volunteers), running an Arts event in the middle of a recession is not easy!

We need your help to raise €3000 to help cover the performer’s fees, publicity, overheads and some other minor things.  We’ve set up a Fund It page, where you can donate as much (or as little) as you like.  There are rewards going for various levels of endorsement (€20, €50, €70, and so on) – but if we don’t raise the full amount, we get nothing!


You can give any amount you wish, from €5 all the way up into the stratosphere (if there are any secret billionaires out there).  We know our audience is as passionate about great music as we are – so we know we can count on you! :)

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