Fund It: thank you!

September 26th, 2013

The success of our recent Fund It drive was really marvellous, and it exceeded all of our expectations. Not only did we actually reach our target of €3,000, but we exceeded it by some €95. This means that we can provide a great festival this year, and that we’ll still be going strong in 2014!

Of course, none of this would have been possible without all of you who donated to our Fund It drive, and we’d like to thank each of you, by name, from the bottom of our hearts. (Of course, some fourteen of you wished to remain anonymous, but we still wouldn’t want to leave you out! Thank you, anonymous persons!)

East Cork Early Music Festival 2013: Fund It donors

Carmel Mc Callum Barry
John Barry
Linda Buckley
Pat Byrne
Garret Cahill

Sharon Carty
Tom Crowley
Jane Daly
Nicki Ffrench Davis
Karen Dervan

Albert Edelman
Barbara FitzGerald
Evelyn Grant
Carolyn Goodwin
Kate Hearne

Jean Kelly
Gary Leahy
Michael Lee
Deirdre Long
Cathal Maunsell

Deirdre Moynihan
Chris McCall
Helen McGrath
Kevin McNally
Chichi Nwanoku

Amy O’Connell
Maire O’Mahony
Caroline O’Sullivan
Adrian Petcu
Sue Phillips

Susan Proud
Vicente Parrilla
Joanne Quigley
Ondine Roche
Edel Sullivan

Katarzyna Szwed
Tim Thurston
Olga Tiernan
Elizabeth Twohig
Maura Walsh

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